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Richa Pathak Staff asked 2 years ago

Mini Cooper: “Let’s Motor”

Voted the Second most influential car of the 20th century


  • Small vehicle in the land of SUV
  • Only 2% Brand awareness
  • Small car sales were at their lowest point
  • Very tight budget

The Big Idea: Shift from “Driving” to “Motoring”

The Results:

  • Total brand awareness is 80% from 2% after thefirst year of marketing.
  • Driven traffic to the website and to dealerships and sold a ton of cars
  • MINI sold 25,000 cars in the U.S. last year – 5,000 more than projected in a year
  • MINI spent roughly $567,000 for each percentage point of awareness. Thenanother 12 brands in MINI’s competitive set spent an average of $5,973,000 to do the same.
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