Marketing Q&AHow do I start working as a freelancer in digital marketing?
Richa Pathak Staff asked 2 years ago

I would like to suggest you something based on my personal experience as a freelancer:

  1. Get ready to take therisk, because sometimes you will face difficultyin judging people.
  2. Don’t just depend on freelancing work, there is no guarantee of work all the time.
  3. Create an amazing portfolio of work you have done in the past. You must be able to show what you have done to convince people.
  4. Your networking should be excellent. Without anetwork, you can’t survive as a freelancer.
  5. Your communication skills should be amazing to flatter all the people you deal with.
  6. You have to be a good negotiator and have excellent logical skills to make a good decision.

Your success as a freelancer decide based on what skills you acquire. I would say keep learning from your past experience you will get a great success. All the best.

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