Marketing Q&AWhat are the most offensive, tasteless, or controversial advertisements ever released?
Richa Pathak Staff asked 2 years ago

Protein World – 380 complaints, not upheld. The ASA told Protein World that their posters asking people if they were “beach body ready” could not appear again in their current form, but ultimately found the campaign was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offense.

Sisley: This advertisement was quite controversial for its thinly veiled glamorization of drug use.

Benetton: The ads depicted world leaders on opposite ends of the political spectrum locking lips.

Ford: This series of ads for Ford in India came just days after the country approved a tougher new law to punish sex crimes. Showcasing women tied up in the back of their cars the ads received a mass of complaints.

MiuMiu Fall 2011 with Hailee Steinfeldby Bruce Weber: 14-year-old sitting on a train track, wiping away what seemed to be a tear from her eye. The Italian fashion house was branded irresponsible for publishing an image showing a child in a dangerous location.

SKYY Vodka: Released in 2010, the ad featured a pair of red, patent leather, spike heeled boots wrapped around an SKYY Vodka bottle, which did not so much exist as an allusion to sex but a nearly complete execution of it.

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