How to get HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified in the first attempt?

HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification is really important for a marketing professional, it helps you showcase your inbound marketing skills. It takes a lot of reading and time to consume important stuff from the class videos. But, Here I am going to share some quick tips which will help you passing the exam in just one go.

  1. Appear for Inbound certification trice a month. It takes 48 hours to retake the exam.
  2. Just attempt the exam directly on:
  3. Understand the questions asked and the pattern of those questions. Most of the time questions are repetitive. Once you give the exam you will watch the class videos and note the important pointers which will help you in the exam.
  4. Download the transcripts of each and every lecture and read it carefully. Most of the answers you will get in the lectures transcripts only. Make notes from the transcripts of the videos.
  5. Here you go! Try again for the exam and you will clear it, I am sure.

What type of questions should you prepare for?

Most of the time the questions are situation based. You should read the answers and pick the most suited option. You will get very closely related options. To pick the right one, just try elimination methods.

For example, You’ve joined a startup company. Before building out your content strategy, you’ll need to develop your company’s primary buyer persona. What’s the appropriate order for developing the buyer persona for your startup?

  • A) Research, identify trends and create persona stories
  • B) Create persona story, test and optimize, and make assumptions
  • C) Make assumptions, identify trends, and ask company employees for input
  • D) A buyer persona shouldn’t be developed at this time

Now, when you will read the guide and watch the course videos, you will see that no assumptions should be made while developing the buyer persona. Based on that you can eliminate the option 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. That’s how it works! you can make this kind of pointers to remember.

The videos are full of knowledge and explanations. It will be a great learning for a marketer, whose implementing the strategies for their organization. These are the same problems we face on the daily basis which is asked in the questionnaire.

You should try these approaches and I am sure you will definitely get certified in one go. You can connect with me to get to know more about inbound marketing or follow me on Twitter. Hope it will help you creaking the exam.

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Richa Pathak is an emerging marketing influencer, and a creative digital marketing consultant who helps clients generate leads, drive site traffic and build their brands through data-driven strategies. With 7+ years of experience in working with B2C & B2B brands across the globe, she is also a well-known blogger for top digital marketing magazines. Richa's principle - Plan, Execute, Learn, Implement, Repeat! Digital marketing is Richa's passion & love. She is innovator & wants to explore more, learn more, try different tools, hacks with various campaigns. She offers various training & mentorship programs to share her knowledge. She loves reading non-fiction books and does nature photography.