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Google Analytics Update – Ask the Question Related to Your Website Metrics & Get the Answer!

Imagine you are looking for very specific insights in Google Analytics for your meeting, and you get the data at just one ‘Enter’!Well, that’s true.
Recently, Google announced the most amazing feature for Google Analytics. In the era of automation, this update going to make a huge difference.
Google introduced this feature in Google Analytics now.


Now, instead of putting manual efforts to find the desired data, askquestions and Google will gather the required insights for you! Isn’t it amazing? It discovers what is important for you to take effective actions.
Google added a Question box in Analytics where you enter the question and get the desired data.
You can ask the specific questions like:

  • What’s the bounce rate trend for mobile in the US?
  • How many new users did I acquire via email last week?
  • Which channel had the highest revenue?


(Image source – Google)

The Google Analytics Intelligence system will fetch the data and gather the right information for you.

Why you need it?

Multiple times it has been observed, when the top managerasks some Analytics queries people won’t be able to answer them. People find it difficult to get the right insights.
Take a situation where you want to enhance the business website.A lot of data is required to make this decision.
What will you check in the Google Analytics?
So, most of the cases following things peopleconsider:

  1. Top visited pages of the website
  2. The bounce rate of the website
  3. Conversion from the various form pages
  4. Behavior analysis and flow on the website
  5. Funnel visualization

Too many things are available for better decision making and strategizing the effective campaigns. But, most of the people don’t know how to gather and fine tune the insights.
Now, by introducing Ask question feature Google is doing it on your behalf J
How does it work?

Google Analytics provides a lot of data and insights about the day to day activities of the users, on the website. This huge amount of data needs to be fine-tuned manually to make it useful.
Google Ask question features use machine learning to understand the question and provide the most accurate results. By natural language processing technology, the engine understands the questions and provide the appropriate data.
By using the natural language processing technology Analytics Intelligence is able to answer any question asked by you.
Take a look at what kind of data can be gathered:

(Image source – Google)
With this feature, all the noise in the data is automatically reduced. You will get the data which are important for you.
How to get it?

To enable this feature on your Google Analytics interface follows the steps:

To open Intelligence in the Analytics app:

  1. Launch the Google Analytics mobile app.
  2. Tap the Intelligence icon in the upper right

To open Intelligence in the web interface:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Navigate to your view.
  3. Open Reports.
  4. On Home or most reports, click the Intelligence button in the top right.

The Intelligence panel opens on the right.
You can find the detailed steps to enable the intelligence in your account here.
Google always tries to provide, the better version of its product every day. For so many years Google is continuously upgrading the Google products for better results. They are currently working on data automation, custom insights and lot more features. It’s definitely going to make a huge difference in marketers’ life.

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