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How to Use the Facebook’s New Offline Activity Custom Audience Feature for Retargeting

To beat the competition Facebook always tries to innovate their advertising features.

Facebook again surprised advertisers by introducing this amazing feature called ‘Offline Activity’ custom audience.

So, What This Offline Activity does?

Have you heard of thecustom audience on Facebook? Well, this is another type of custom audience, which allows you to retarget the people who interacted with your business offline.

According to Facebook – “Create a list of the people who interacted with your business in-store, by phone, or through other offline channels.”

How to use this feature?

Go to ‘Asset Library’ tab in Facebook Business Manager.

Now just click on ‘Custom Audience’ tab.

You’ll get the list of custom audiences. Click on ‘Offline Activity’ option.

So far Facebook allows you to retarget people who interacted with your online channels, events or business. But now you will be able to integrate your offline event activities in Facebook to maximize the conversion rate for your business.

Add multiple filters to refine the audience as per the requirement.

The offline activity featureallows you to add multiple offline events. Create the event and it will populate those events in the drop-down menu.

Select the previously created events from the drop-down menu.

“Enter the number of days prior to today that you’d like to show results from. People will be removed from your audience after this time unless they meet the criteria again.” – Facebook

Add or remove any of the event audience as per the objective. You can add multiple filters and conditions to restrict your offline event audience list.

You can further refine the data by thevalue of thecustom value or aggregated value. Select the value from the drop-down.

Enter the values which you want to include building the list.

Fine tune the values by adding the conditions. Select the conditions from the drop-down menu.

Add multiple conditions or value in the custom data fields whichever suits your business requirements.

Enter the name of the audience related to your objective and click on create anaudience. Your audience is ready.

It takes time to populate the list. Initially you must have at least 20 people in the list to retarget.

Facebook making advertisers life easier day by day. A wide range of features to track the online and offline audience and retargeting that audience could actually increase the conversion rate.

Now advertisers can draw the conclusion effectively from their offline campaign and make the data insightful.Facebook is expert in understanding customer’s pain points and building solution to overcome.

By introducing this feature Facebook again proved that it is the best advertising platform these days.


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